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Love Your Self.
Find Your Power.



Sex, Self + Stuff: The low down

FemmeCon is an inspired and fully expressed community of women living unapologetically with zero f*cks for external judgement or expectation.

Welcome to our inaugural ‘Sex, Self + Stuff’ event held on Friday 26th July from 5pm – 10pm – a mid year celebration of you and all you’ve achieved so far this year! It’s an opportunity for you to dress up, have a cocktail, reconnect with old friends, make some new ones, shop our female founded Pop Up Boutiques, be gifted with $600 worth of full sized products in our famous gift bags (yes Christmas has come early for you!) and hear from eight amazing women who are living life as the best versions of themselves.

We will touch on many topics but they will include sex, love, dating, relationships, confidence, imposter syndrome, finding yourself, stepping into your power, how to give zero f*cks what other people think, flexing your confidence muscle, navigating imposter syndrome and how to live life on your terms.

Come along so we can treat you to a fun, empowering and entertaining evening where you can release all your cares and inhibitions, unwind and be treated to an experience of delicious canapes, cocktails, gifts, prizes, brand activations, pop-up boutiques, great music, some dancing and connections with like-minded women!

Bring your bestie and enjoy a Friday evening all about you and your feminine power! Or come alone! Our community is incredibly inclusive, warm and friendly and this will give you an opportunity to forge new friendships with amazing women who you connect with instantly.

Dress Code: Cocktail Attire of course!

Keep scrolling to for more details and to grab your ticket.


What’s it all about?

It’s a bit sexy, it’s bit saucy, it’s a lot sassy, it’s some fucking powerful women living lives by design not default and sharing how they got to their position of being powerful and unfuckwithable. We cross boundaries, share taboos and learn how to prioritise our own desires, needs and wants. Are you ready?


Embrace your sexual power. Freedom and liberation from societal expectations around who and how women should show up around sex, love, dating and relationships. Embrace and explore the taboo.


Being Self-involved is a Superpower! Prioritize your relationship with self above all else. Embrace your power, confidence, and do whatever the fuck you want.


We own our stuff because truth is power. We believe in possibility and freedom and the unwavering belief that there is more for you. Within this community, you have the permission to roar!


Come and feel powerful and alive!

We welcome you to a sexy, liberating environment where you can let your hair down, feel sexy, have a few drinks, shop, catch up with friends, make new ones, learn from our panelists about how to live life from a strong base of personal power, to give zero fucks and to enjoy a night without inhibition. #embracethetaboo #learntobecomeunfuckwithable


Let’s celebrate the brands who support women on their journey to unleash their personal and sexual power!

Our Speakers


Chiquita Searle

Segment prospects and customers based on attributes and behavior to send personalized emails


Chiquita Searle

Segment prospects and customers based on attributes and behavior to send personalized emails


Chiquita Searle

Segment prospects and customers based on attributes and behavior to send personalized emails


Chiquita Searle

Segment prospects and customers based on attributes and behavior to send personalized emails

event sponsors

Our Speakers

Pop Up Boutiques


FemmeCon: a holistic Lifestyle Ecosystem for women

FemmeCon is dedicated to empowering women to live authentically and unapologetically. Through our events, podcast and community, we provide a platform for women to connect, support each other, and cultivate their own base of ‘personal power’. We encourage women to prioritise self-love, make their own money, and pursue uncommon paths that lead to true fulfillment.


TIME: 5.00PM – 10.00PM

Registration + Cocktail on arrival thanks to Malibu!

Register upon arrival and receive one of our famous gift bags which are valued at over $600! The event doesn’t start until 6pm so don’t panic if you’re coming straight from work. 


Pop Ups, Interactive Brand Experiences, Mingling

Shop our female owned boutiques who will have special offers for you, have a bevvie, play with our experiential brand activations, make new friends. Canapes will be served and a cash bar is also available. 

5.00pm – 6.00pm

Event Starts!
Acknowledgement of Country
Welcome to Sex, Self + Stuff! 

Prize Draw!

6.00pm – 6.15pm

The SEX panel
Featuring Lindy Klim, Annie Knight, Eleanor Hadley and hosted by Lucy Banks

On this panel we will discuss sex, love, dating, relationships, prioritising your desires, finding your voice and sexual empowerment amongst other related topics.

Audience Q&A – we love an interactive panel so if you have any questions come prepared to ask them because our panelists would love to answer them for you! 
6.15pm – 7.00pm

Break (30 mins)
Shop our pop ups, grab a drink, eat, show our sponsors some love, dance and pose up a storm in front of our media wall! Lights, camera, action baby!
7.00pm – 7.30pm

Clare Martin, Angela Kennedy and Amanda Leigh Walker hosted by Leigh Morrison

On this panel we will discuss topics such as confidence, finding yourself when you’ve been feeling lost, how to choose yourself without guilt, overcoming imposter syndrome, how to give zero f*cks about what others think, pursuing your dreams and more. 

Audience Q&A – you know we love audience engagement and want to give you as much value as possible so if you have a burning question, this is your time to ask it baby! 

7.30pm – 8.15pm

It’s STUFF time!
Our final act of the night will be a movement based experience led by Sensuality Expert Eleanor Hadley. Eleanor will guide you on a practice back to embracing your sensual self, moving you out of your head and into your body. This is a wonderful way to feel your inner power and step into your feminine essence. 
8.15pm – 8.45pm

Time to PAR-TAY! 

Yeah baby! Let’s make the most of the rest of the night and shop, eat, drink and dance! Time to let your hair down, celebrate you and all you’ve achieved so far this year. We want you to leave feeling ALIVE and the absolute best version of yourself. 
8.45pm – 10.00pm

Event Closes

Get your ticket baby!

Learn from prominent and powerful women, shop and interact with leading and upcoming brands, then dance the night away with a renowned DJ on the decks! (Plus, plenty of surprises but we can’t give it all away girl!)

Tickets are on sale NOW and receive:

🎟️ Entry Access + Major Raffle Entry
💣2 x Expert Panel Discussions
🛍️Gift Bag Valued At $600+
🍸 Cocktail On Arrival & Delish Canapes
🔥 Over $875 Value!



Hurry – early bird tickets are only available til 7th June!



General Admission tickets on sale from 8th June 2024



Groups of two get an extra 10% discount per person when purchased together in one transaction



Groups of five get an extra 15% discount per person when purchased together in one transaction


some love for our goodie sponsors

Big shout out to these brands who love and support women…our gift bag sponsors!


Join our power posse of fearless women. This is where you own your shit, love your self and find your power. Together we will become unfuckwithable!

Founder, Fig Femme

The visionary founder behind Fig Femme, Lindy is on a mission to redefine the world of intimate wellness for women. She understands the challenges and concerns that women face when it comes to self-care for their vulva, vagina and the scarcity of information on post-pregnancy care.

Frustrated by the taboos and lack of readily available information surrounding women’s intimate health, Lindy set out to create Fig Femme; a brand that caters for women, encourages open and honest conversations about feminine hygiene and provides intimate wellness with safe, nourishing ingredients.

Only Fans Creator

Annie Knight is an OnlyFans creator from the Gold Coast, Australia. She is known as Australia’s most sexually active woman. She’s renowned for her candid and engaging storytelling, sharing her unique journey and adventures as an OF creator. Behind the glitz and glamour of her world, Annie is passionate about helping other women achieve their dream. She speaks candidly about her experiences and gives advice on her podcast, Double Dose.



Chiquita Searle is the founder of Chiquita & Co, Australasia’s only Po5 agency that works with CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs as their ‘Power Partner’, helping them to build a powerful public presence through our unique Po5 model. She is also the founder and designer of CHIQUITA, her statement eyewear for women brand, which includes sunglasses and blue light blocking glasses, that are stylish, luxurious and high quality. The brand has been worn by high-profile celebrities including feminist icon Clementine Ford, radio and TV star Kate Langbroek, media personalities Chrissie Swan, Belinda Russell and Yumi Stynes, NY Times best-selling author Sally Hepworth, Bachelor stars Helena Sauzier, Kiki Morris, Kaitlyn Hoppe and Gemma White. The eyewear has been featured nationally in news.com.au, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Good Weekend and The Canberra Times. In 2022, Chiquita founded FemmeCon, a community and series of events designed to inspire women to step into their full-force feminine power. She is also the co-host of FemmePod, the podcast encouraging women to give zero f*cks and to walk to the beat of their own drum. Chiquita is a TEDx Alumni and is often invited to speak or MC at a number of events by a range of leading brands including Run the World, Australian Women of Medicine, Pause Fest, ANZ, One Path and Empowered Women in Real Estate.



Eleanor Hadley is a Certified Sex Educator, speaker and writer based on the Gold Coast, Australia. As an award-winning sex and relationship coach, she shares entertaining and practical sex education through a variety of courses, including the wildly popular Tongue Tactics where she teaches tangible tips and tricks for going down. Renowned for her embodied lap dance teachings, Eleanor has taught ‘The Art of Seduction’ on national stages including Femme Con and Sexpo. She is a content creator and counts large brands such as Adore Beauty, Lovehoney and Frenchie as her clients. As a regular featured writer for various national publications such as WHO, Women’s Health and VICE, she is known for her signature informative yet cheeky and relatable style. Eleanor also hosts popular, award-winning podcast ‘Sex Etc’ where she shares tangible tips on how to prioritise your pleasure, enhance your sex-life and elevate your relationships.



Leigh Morrison is a seasoned Leadership Coach, Career Mentor, and Team Stewardship expert with over 20 years of experience in the marketing and communications industry. Leigh has been running her own practice, be. Transition Coaching, for the past 14 years equipping leaders to navigate the ever-changing landscape of work. Leigh is passionate about helping people, teams and organisation’s culture to recalibrate. Her role can be as an objective and external voice, or embedding herself as a contributor to the leadership team. Her processes have been proven to help all levels of the organisation align, set and agree the direction to stay on track, improve communication and levels of accountability, build recognition and belonging and celebrate success. Leigh’s holistic methodology aligns personal wellbeing and responsibility, to drive business performance and peak energy levels. She is seen as a trusted partner and advisor during transformation. Leigh coaches both established and emerging leaders. Grounded in strengthening confidence, developing skills, navigating through new roles and responsibilities, or managing difficult feedback. This involves supporting Clients through a series of bespoke sessions to; develop strategies, build awareness, hold accountability, highlight blind spots, harness strengths and celebrate change. For teams, Leigh’s been best described as a Swiss army knife. Able to adapt to what the team requires from strategy, product development, client relationships, coaching, facilitation and change leadership. A key partner who guides teams to build cohesiveness and effectiveness. Often teams require external support to convert dysfunction, to enhance high-performance, or manage transition periods with new leadership, structural or process changes. Leigh holds a Bachelor of Communication in Advertising/Marketing and is a certified Transpersonal Life Coach, KY Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and HBDI Personality Assessment Practitioner. She is also actively involved in industry initiatives, serving as a Coach for The Marketing Academy and co-chairing the Coaching Faculty.


Having studied and worked in the field of personal transformation for 10 years, Clare specialises in helping clients master their mindset, maximise their potential and manifest their dream life.
Her mission is to guide clients back to believing in their innate power as a human being and helping clients to “get out of their own way” by removing blocks such as the self-doubt, self-sabotage, fear and lack of self-belief and to eradicate resistance to change, on an emotional, mental, and somatic level.
Clare teaches her clients to access unshakable self-confidence, and guides clients to use lifelong holistic tools that empower them to take aligned action, get results and live a life of more connection, fun, fulfilment, joy and heart led purpose.
Clare uses both a “top-down” approach to neurologically rewire beliefs, thoughts and actions, using powerful and proven holistic tools to adopt permanent transformation and combines this with a “bottom-up” approach using Breathwork, to regulate the nervous system and heal stuck energy in the body/mind, that can cause potential blocks, stopping clients achieving their optimal potential in life.
Clare believes that by passing on her learnings and creating true alignment and a healthy mindset, we can experience more abundant careers, connected relationships, self-awareness, increased happiness, energy, flow and vitality, from the inside out.
She believes purpose is not an end game, but a daily ritual that we live and make manifest through a powerful mindset, heart cantered habits and a purpose led passion.

Co-Founder of Million Billion Media

Lucy soared to fame in her early days of being a creator by pitching herself to the media. Now, she’s bringing all that genius to Million Billion Media’s talent roster, channelling her entrepreneurial prowess into their profiles… And she’s got the results to prove it.



Amanda Leigh Walker is the is the cofounder and Head of Operations of ‘Lord of the Fries’, Australasia’s largest vegan fast food franchise, which she launched in 2003 with with her husband, Mark and his brother Sam.
In 2015 Amanda began to work as a mentor and life coach to female founders and women in business who are heart centered, purpose driven, and ready to dive deeper in their self mastery, engage their true power and align their life and business with their destiny calling.
Amanda is a keynote speaker, Ted x alumni, meditation teacher and transformational workshop leader. She has worked with the following brands: League of Extraordinary Women, Wade University, Seven Sisters, MKT, Women in Sustainable Business, Council of Women’s Leadership ,Miss Fox Spa, Pause Fest, The Entourage, Entrepreneurs Organization and more.
Her mission is to bring greater self awareness, sense of purpose, spiritual connection and personal empowerment to entrepreneurs and women in business so that they can rise in their Authentic Leadership and give more, work less, decrease stress, reframe negative feelings and live a supercharged, meaningful life they love.

Angela Kennedy

Founder, Lash Envy

Behind the success of Lash Envy is CEO and founder Angela Kennedy. A proud wife and mother of two, Angela has been in the lash business for more than 15 years. Her business is the longest running commercial lash salon in Melbourne, arguably Australia. Consisting of 5 lash & brow salons, 4 co-owners, 40+ staff, 1000’s of clients, a Lash Training Academy, Lash Supplies Store and a turnover in the millions.
Angela began her lash journey in Dublin Ireland 2008 at a time when lashes were mostly unknown. What started off in the front room of her home lashing family and friends, expanded to a small commercial space in 2012 with 3 staff; the first of its kind in Australia at that time. By the end of 2013 Angela’s ‘little business’ had achieved its first $1M turnover and was growing at a rapid rate, becoming known as Melbourne’s best place for lash extensions. Clients from all over Melbourne were now travelling to this cute funky space in Oakleigh – even some big names! Lash Envy was constantly booked out weeks in advance and Angela was always hiring and training new staff to join her team to keep up with the demands.

Year upon year Angela’s business experienced exponential growth, whilst juggling the demands of having a young family, and by 2016 Angela and Kryshina opened Ascot Vale (now Moonee Ponds), in 2019 Hampton with Jenn, 2020 Berwick with Olivia, 2023 (due to Covid) Mt Eliza with Sophie.
During the pandemic when business was closed, Angela created Lash Envy Pro; a lash supplies store & commercial training academy. There are 5 Lash Envy Pro Approved Trainers that conduct these classes that also work throughout the LEM salons.

Most recently Angela was asked to contribute to a book ‘Entrepreneur’ written for teenagers as a guide to their future career. Angela will be speaking at the upcoming international lash masters conference in October sharing her knowledge and experience. Angela will be continuing to expand LEM with her sights set on Geelong in 2025 and a few other secrets up her sleeve!

Alex Pike

Founder, Inside Out Beauty

Alex Pike, a former model and Registered Nurse, is the Director Face By Alex Pike, with over 19 years of experience in aesthetics. As a mother of three boys, Alex is passionate about balancing motherhood, self-love and wellness. She is the founder of Inside Out Beauty, an 8-week program designed to help women improve their fitness, beauty, and mindset. Alex knows firsthand the importance of self-care in managing daily life stresses while achieving entrepreneurial success.

Sarah Jane Roza


Meet Sarah Jane Roza: a dynamo of charisma, creativity & contagious energy! Whether she’s dazzling on screen, curating fashion finds, or sharing life’s adventures, Sarah’s magnetic personality shines through in everything she does. Sarah has extensive experience in the media; you might remember her from The Amazing Race, Married at First Sight, or SEN’s Classic Rock Radio Show. Her unique journey as media personality, experience as a lingerie model and love for fashion and glam has led her to the OnlyFans platform – passionate about 45+ women and their freedom and empowerment.