About US

Our Vision is to inspire women to embrace their full force feminine power


  • Community
  • Independence
  • Freedom
  • Fearlessness
  • Confidence

What does ‘full force feminine power’ mean to us?

  • Creating a feminine economy where women build businesses and wealth, giving them freedom of choice and independence
  • An inspired and fully expressed community of women living unapologetically with zero fucks for external judgement or expectation
  • Empowering women to envision and design a life that is uniquely their own and which showcases their individual talent and brilliance.
  • Encouraging women to prioritise their own physical, sexual, spiritual, emotional and mental wants and desires


We believe there are four pillars crucial to a modern and progressive
woman living in her full force feminine power:

Who We Are

FemmeCon was co-founded by Chiquita Searle and Shani Chantel.


Chiquita Searle is the founder of Chiquita & Co, a PR agency she launched in 2015. Chiquita works with SMEs and NFPs to grow their profile through a comprehensive and consistent media strategy.

Clients Chiquita has worked with include Stockdale & Leggo, League of Extraordinary Women, State Schools’ Relief, Project Gen Z, Notox Surfboards, Coronis Victoria, Empowered Women in Trades, Biggin & Scott and Bloom College.

She is also the founder and designer of CHIQUITA, her statement eyewear for women, which includes sunglasses and blue light blocking glasses, that are stylish, luxurious and of high quality.

The brand has been worn by high-profile celebrities including feminist icon Clementine Ford, radio and TV star Kate Langbroek, media personalities Chrissie Swan, Belinda Russell and Yumi Stynes, NY Times best-selling author Sally Hepworth, Bachelor stars Helena Sauzier, Kiki Morris, Kaitlyn Hoppe and Gemma White.

The eyewear has been featured nationally in news.com.au, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Good Weekend and The Canberra Times.

Chiquita also co-founded FemmeCon, a community designed to inspire women to step into their full force feminine power. 

Chiquita is a TEDx Alumni and is often invited to speak or MC at a number of events by a range of leading brands including Run the World, Australian Women of Medicine, Pause Fest, ANZ, One Path and Empowered Women in Real Estate.


Shani Chantel is a Speaker, curve model, public figure and content creator. She has been inspiring and encouraging women to live their lives unapologetically and unfiltered since 2017 through her ever-growing social media channels, media appearances, speaking events and podcast interviews. 

From showing up on the world’s first unedited menstrual underwear billboard across the globe to featuring in magazines such as Lunch Lady and working on campaigns with well-known brands such as Modi Bodi, Bonds, Gillet, Le tan, Rebel Sports and Bras N things, Shani is a driving force in the body positive movement nation-wide. 

She is also set to launch her very own podcast “Shut up and love yourself” in the coming months.


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