Join us, you know you want to

Join us, you know you want to


Huge thank you to our brand partners for their support.

"We’re dedicated to making you a part of a truly unique and progressive community. Together, we can proactively support women on a national basis, inspiring them to step into and embrace their full force feminine power."

- Chiquita Searle, Founder


FemmeCon is an inspired and fully expressed community of women living unapologetically with zero fucks for external judgement or expectation. We will empower you to envision and design a life that is uniquely your own and which showcases your individual talent and brilliance. 

We will encourage you to prioritise your own physical, spiritual and emotional wants and desires. We will show you how to walk to the beat of your own drum.

What's our goal?

100,000 women
in the MCG wearing
pink in 2030!

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FemmeCon Testimonials

We asked our guests about their favourite moments at FemmeCon. Here are a few of their answers...

I honestly loved EVERYTHING about the event. Everything. My life is forever changed and it’s only been a few days!! I have been on a high since then and I don’t see myself coming down! Thank you SO FREAKIN MUCH!!!! You ladies smashed it!!!!!! Was also amazing that almost everything in the goodie bag was cruelty-free and vegan, AMAZING! Would love to see a FemmeCon retreat/weekend. Would so go to something like this!

It was honestly a beautiful day and so clearly thought out. I felt very spoilt and enjoyed every speaker. But I think the most engaging for me was Tamica Wilder - her passion and presence is incredible.

I really enjoyed Hilary Holmes talk her passion and story was really inspiring. Eleanor's talk and dance were really interesting, I loved how she engaged the audience. It was lovely to receive the goodie bag and the food was amazing.

There were a few, probably starting with Amanda's guided meditation, but the lap dance was also amazing and seriously the most moving Acknowledgement of Country I've ever seen x.

There is simply too much!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! The calibre of keynote speakers, the way you facilitated to keep the energy up. The magnificent food!

I resonated with Hilary and Tamica's stories the most, was left feeling not alone nor ashamed of my own story and journey. Loved Eleanor too! What a vibe!

All of it. The speakers, the goodie bags the food, the energy!

Amanda & Prue’s story and experience were excellent Hillary was great too.

The speakers, the general energy, the amazing freebies as well that you guys managed - I was blown away.

OMG hard to choose between all the fabulous elements. I think I found Eleanor's story the most impacting on me though.

Honestly babes it was exceptional!! Just keep doing what you are doing! It was all fabulous.

The whole day was amazing! Loved all the speakers, atmosphere and vibe.

Having such a passionate crowd and genuine speakers. Their rawness and honesty really moved me.

I loved being around inspiring women and was delighted by the energy of all the speakers!.The whole day was brilliant!

The whole day was incredible, loved the guest speakers and how raw and vulnerable everyone was.

I loved that Chi stayed authentic, had it been a polished serious event it would have been boring, the “fumbling” through as you described it was perfect. My other fave part was Eleanor’s dance - definitely include a performance of some sort in Femmecon 2023.

The whole experience was so much more valuable than I had expected. I loved all the speakers who came from all walks of life and how they managed to resonate closely with the whole audience. Can't deny how spicy and fabulous the lap dance was to watch. Everyone provided so much vulnerability and emotion. And of course can't deny how fabulously we were spoilt with food, drinks and prizes!

To register your interest in becoming a volunteer for any FemmeCon events in 2023, please complete the below form.


FemmeCon is a growing community of independent, fearless and confident women who choose to live extraordinary lives. We are excited to announce a number of volunteer opportunities are available for those who wish to be a part of the event.

The benefits of volunteering:

  • Free ticket to the event including gift bag full of products from our brand partners
  • Be inspired by incredible speakers empowering you to live fiercely independent and fully expressed lives
  • Boutique Pop-Ups sharing exclusive offers and brand deals
  • DJ on-site to keep the vibe high
  • Full catering provided (and yes that includes coffee!)

We anticipate that while you will be required to perform a specific role on the day, there will be the time while speakers are presenting to sit in the crowd and learn from these inspiring women.